Vol. 8, 2023

Radiation Measurements

Measurements of 232Th/238U ratio using different techniques: A comparative study

W. Arafa, H. M. Mahmoud, E. Yousf, A. Ashry, A. Elsersy, I. Elaassy, H. El Samman

Pages: 125-130

DOI: 10.37392/RapProc.2023.26

The present work was conducted to determine Th/U ratios in different types of natural rock samples (sedimentary, conglomerate, igneous and sediments) using high-purity germanium detector, solid state nuclear track detectors and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometers. A thin source approach method for alpha tracks measurements was used. A new method was introduced for forming a thin layer of the rock sample. The track densities were obtained using an optical microscope coupled with a digital camera and spark counter. Even though the measurements were carried out using very different techniques, they showed comparable values of Th/U ratio for most of the rock samples.
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