Vol. 8, 2023



Irena Muçollari, Aurora Cangu, Anastela Mano, Gramoz Braçe, Artur Xhumari, Jetmira Kerxhaliu, Blerina Myzeqari

Pages: 75-78

DOI: 10.37392/RapProc.2023.15

Glioblastoma is classified as grade- IV glioma of primary brain tumors, and is faced more often in adult patients. The standard approach to therapy in the newly diagnosed glioblastoma, includes surgery followed by concurrent radiotherapy with chemotherapy. The aim of this study is retrospectively to analyze dosimetric treatment plan quality for patients treated for glioblastoma in our clinic using 3D-conformal radiotherapy. Radiotherapy treatment plans are realized by combining 3 to 6 coplanar and non- coplanar fields, open or wedged, achieving dose coverage, dose homogeneity to tumor within recommendations, while minimizing dose at organs at risk.
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