Vol. 4, 2019

Original research papers

Pharmaceutical Sciences


O. A. Zlygosteva, S. Yu. Sokovnin, V. G. Ilves

Pages: 212–215

DOI: 10.37392/RapProc.2019.43

The physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials depend not only on the nature of the substance, but also on the size and shape of the particles, as well as the size and shape of the pores. In this paper, the methods for managing the textural properties of SiO2, SiO2-MnO2 nanopowders, produced by pulsed electron beam evaporation in vacuum, are investigated. The researched methods include doping at the stage of preparation and ultrasonic treatment of aqueous nanopowder suspensions. In addition, the radiation of CaF2 nanopowders by relativistic electrons was considered as a potential method for managing properties.
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