Vol. 4, 2019

Original research papers



Nevenka M. Antović, Nikola R. Svrkota

Pages: 90–95

DOI: 10.37392/RapProc.2019.18

Surface soil from 47 locations in Montenegro had been previously analyzed for radioactivity due to natural 226Ra, 232Th, 40K and man-made 137Cs, and showed mean activity concentrations around 41.1, 45.8, 500 and 95.2 Bq/kg, respectively. Discriminant Analysis used in the present study for the classification, with activity concentrations of radionuclides as independent variables and the Montenegro region (South, Center, North) as a grouping variable, showed 76.6% of original grouped cases as correctly classified. The radium equivalent activity, external and internal hazard index showed a mean of 142 Bq/kg, 0.39 and 0.5, respectively. An average external terrestrial gamma absorbed dose rate was found to be 67.5 nGy/h – for natural radionuclides only, and 79.3 nGy/h for natural radionuclides and 137Cs. The corresponding annual effective dose showed a mean of 0.08 mSv and around 0.1 mSv, respectively. These hazard indices, together with radionuclide activities, are used in the factor analysis performed with Principal Component Analysis as the extraction method and Varimax with Kaiser Normalization as the rotation method. Two components were extracted. The first one loaded basically on 232Th and 226Ra activity explained ~80.6% of the total variance, while the second component explaining ~12.2% of the total variance is found to be strongly correlated with 137Cs and 40K activity.

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